Because Sometimes Your Kids Have Fur.

They’re furry. They’re fuzzy. They’re some of your best friends.

Whether your boxer’s name is Fluffy or your fraidy feline is Lion the Attack Cat, it’s important to give your pet the best. After all, it is often our four-legged companions who supply some of the brightest moments in our lives. So let’s capture the joy, the laughter, and the love of those special times!

Chris often tells the story of his cat, Smith. Smith was a fine cat who was always on his best behavior at Christmas time. He especially liked climbing up on the banister under the mistletoe, where he would give everyone who walked by copious kisses. This was the only time of year he would do this. The rest of the year he was actually kind of a snob. (Be sure to ask Chris about Smith when you meet him in person!)

Set an appointment today to discuss the best places and ways to photograph your fuzzy friends. Will everyone get a giant wall-portrait of their two adorable pugs? No. But you’re not like everyone, now are you? And that’s okay. =)

Pet Photography