This Portrait Nearly Killed Chris.

The client rushed the original portrait into our studio, forehead furrowed in worry. Chris could instantly see why: the image was still wet from the water that had been leaking onto it as it sat in our client’s basement. The beautiful, antique oval frame with convex glass was filling with mold and mildew, and the image itself was quickly turning to goo. With time running against him, Chris leaped into action to save what remained of the original image. Using compressed nitrogen, he did what he could to clean the wet, moldy photograph. Several months of pneumonia later, he realized that he probably should have worn a respirator while doing it.

We can copy and restore almost any photograph (and many documents) without harming or changing your original art or photograph. All of our work is done by hand so that we can work from photographs in albums, tintypes, glass negatives, long panoramas, hand-colored glass slides, and even precious images that are stuck to broken glass. We often work with images that have survived fire and smoke damage.

We can save your family history for the generations to come. Call us today to set your appointment.

Old PhotographRestored Portrait