Photography Classes by Chris Leavitt

Learn Photography from a Master!

Impress your friends. Stun your family. Learn to create incredible images!

Move beyond snapshots and thumb shots to shooting images you can really be proud of. Put your competition on Instagram to shame as you get to know your camera (whether it’s a cell phone or a DSLR) and learn to unleash your artistic vision.

Chris has been doing fun, stylish, edgy portrait art since 1973. While his teaching of photography originally ended some time back, he grew tired of hearing people badger him to once again reveal his finely honed techniques (as well as agitated with some of the junky pictures on social media) and decided to offer fresh new classes for today’s photography junkies.  You are now invited to participate in these classes, and to take your photography to the next level!

Some of the classes we have coming up are:

  • Amazing Photography 101 -

    – Or “Blasting Through the Basics”
    September 24th – $89
    15 Slots Available
    Location: Federal Way, WA
    Register Today!

  • Better Pictures with Your Cell Phone -

    -Or “The Art of Cellphonography”
    October 8th – $49 Free!
    40 Slots Available
    Location: Redmond, WA
    Register Here!

  • More to Come!

    We’re planning some cool stuff in the near future, including Art Safaris, Using Photoshop (and Surviving to Tell the Tale), and Advanced Photography! Want to know when another class is scheduled? Let us know and we’ll keep you informed on what’s coming up!

Testimonials from Class Attendees

“So that’s what those buttons do!”Dawn Postlethwaite
“You’re the best teacher, Papa!”Brooke (Granddaughter)
(On a recent Art Safari she took the outdoor image on this page!)
Photography Master Chris Leavitt